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Children can make great photo books.

While most children don’t grow up to be artists, most of them do enjoy crafts and art projects when their young, particularly between about age 6 to 12. After around age 12-14 much of that interest wanes, unless they found that they have some artistic talents that they want to continue developing them. Sometimes it’s difficult to find an art or craft project that they might be really interested in without spending quite a bit of money. Though you’ve probably never considered photo books for children as an art or craft project, it may be time that you do. Children can make great photo books, and the age range of who would be interested and quite capable is from age 6 and up.

Depending on their age, they may need a little help, but probably not much. They will enjoy the process of making a photo book themselves, and the whole family will be very impressed with the outcome. While they may not be the best at taking pictures, with today’s digital cameras mom or dad can take a quick look and see if they cut off any heads (like my mother always did), and suggest some minor adjustments to get it right. Since there is no real cost to taking the pictures, let them click away. The more the better. They will be more likely to be able to pick some of their favorites if they take a bunch of pictures.

With the photos picked out that they want in their photo book, go online to Modern Greetings (, and just follow their exclusive state-of-the-art 3-step interface until the book is completed. At age 6-10 they may need a little help with reading the directions, but with mom or dad nearby to help out, the directions are easy to follow. Let the children make all the choices, and it will be totally fine. In fact, the results will be impressive.

1. Pick A Design- From many unique designs they should be able to pick out one that really hits their hot button for under $25. It may have a very colorful and stylish cover with about 20 pages for pictures, but there will be plenty of choices to make them happy.
2. Personalize- With the photos picked out, upload them into the template design that was chosen, and add short captions wherever they want to. The pre-designed templates will give them some flexibility in how they want their pictures laid out, and it will also make it easy to add some interesting captions. All of the photos and captions will be precisely aligned on every page, in the manner and sequence that the children chose.
3. Order- Let the children give their photo book a title, make sure everything is exactly the way they want it, and click order.

Though the technology does all the difficult work for the children, the choices that dictate the results are all theirs. They (and you too), will be totally blown away when you see what they custom designed themselves. From the hard linen cover to the truly magazine quality pages that the photos are printed on, along with the perfectly printed captions, it will be one impressive photo book, even if it was done by your six year old.

Children can make great photo books. Just give them a chance to prove it.

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